Teaching techniques and didactic methodologies in the music classroom

The main objective of this course is to present the different methodological tools and didactic resources that can be used in a music classroom.

It is designed as a space for the meeting and exchange of experiences in which we combine the methodological elements of working groups and traditional training courses. Through this course students can improve their skills and discover ideas that help them in their professional lives day by day.

Course Content

Each session will focus on different educational parameters or methodological resources and their direct application in the classroom: harmony, melody, rhythm, form, literacy, etc. In addition, the students will receive a dossier with all the theoretical material that they studied during the course.


The sessions will be extremely practical and will be carried out via a working group. Thus, after an introduction by the teacher, the students will have to participate and debate the different methodologies, add their knowledge and input, and look for shared ideas and experiences with the rest of the students.

It is an activity where everyone acts as teacher and student at the same time, and an activity where everyone learns from everyone else. It is in this context that each student will have the opportunity to present his method of work in front of the class and receive corresponding feedback. Finally, above all, we will try to unify all the different criteria.

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: Teachers of music language, but also open to teachers of instruments (during the course we will work on relating language classes with instrument classes.)
Duration: 12-20 hours