The present General Conditions of Purchase regulate the use of the website, harmony-games.com, of which Harmony Games, S.l.U. with CIF: B67269985 and domicile at the C/ Montserrat, 24 (08755 – Castellbisbal, Barcelona) is to title.

For any query can contact with us through the telephone 680.495.544 or routing an e-mail at #info@harmony-games.com.

At fulfillment of the that has the Law 34/2002, of the 11 of July, of Kicks of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade, and other rule of app, Harmony Games, S.l.U. it informs:



The Conditions of purchase establish the royalties and debentures of all the users of the online shop of Harmony Games, S.l.U, at account with the products and kicks that offer through the website harmony-games.com

If it utilises the website harmony-games.com or makes a request at través his you is accepting the Conditions and the Politician of Privacy of Harmony Games, S.l.U. motif for which, if it does not agree , abstain to make any request.

The website harmony-games.com has for object the sale of products of educational nature at the musical field that foster the ken and the creativity so much among the professionals of the sector and among those persons interested at the musical nurture. The characteristics of the products appear reflected at the corresponding pages of this web, as well as the peculiarities of each operation that can realise at these surroundings at the Catalan languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

These conditions could be modified, like this recommend him that the read before affecting each request.



Realise a request at harmony-games.com amounts at the full acceptance of the prices that signify , at the description of the products that come and at the general conditions of sale, that will be the only applicable at the like this concluded agreement.

The buyer engages at making use of the website harmony-games.com only to make queries or requests legally valid. Also it obliges the buyer at facilitating of true and correct way his data of contact, consenting likewise the possibility to be able to make use of this information to pose us at contact with him if it was necessary.

Make a request through harmony-games.com guarantees to be fully authorised to utilise the card of payment, at case to elect this modality of payment. Only the persons with the necessary juridical capacity to subscribe relative agreements at the class of sakes and kicks proposed at this website can realise requests at harmony-games.com.

The delivery of the assignments will make it Harmony Games, S.l.U, for his own modes or through an agency of transport designated by the same Harmony Games, S.l.U. The requests will hand at the domicile designated by the customer. Harmony Games, S.l.U does not assume any responsibility when the delivery can not effect as a consequence that the data facilitated are inaccurate or incomplete, or when the delivery can not effect for absence of the addressee. Without damage of the previous, Harmony Games, S.l.U will adopt the sizes demanded at the trader so that the delivery can effect as soon as possible, so much at indulgence of the sender as a the of the addressee.

Harmony Games, S.l.U engages at handing the products in mint condition at the address of delivery that have signalled at the form of request. The customer will be able to solicit the delivery of the articles at a distinct domicile of the that subscribes the request. They will not hand requests at post office boxes.

With regard to the deliveries at hospitals, public organisms and other real estates at which exist constraints for the fit at the public in general, Harmony Games, S.l.U does not guarantee that this effect directly at the addressee, staying conformed the assignment and liberated of responsibility when the request have posed at willingness of the addressee at the reception or at the control of fit.

The period of delivery of the articles signifies at the chip detail of each one of them.

The term of delivery of the request will depend of the method of sending selected. Each method of sending has his own constraints and/or charges that will apply at the request. The working days count of Monday at Friday, except if any of them is local or national party.


The calculus of this term is based at several factors, including the address of fate and the rapidity with the what can process and joint the products of the request for his sending (the general term of sending is signified at the page of detail of each product, with informative nature, so that you can assess the rapidity of the sending of the request).



Harmony Games, S.l.U offers the possibility to effect the payment through card y PayPal. The charge at the credit card realises at the same moment to realise the request, through the runway of payment of the corresponding financial entity and once have checked that the data communicated are correct.

At this sense, the confidential data are transmitted of form encrypted (SSL) at the corresponding financial entity. The system of encryption SSL that utilise confers total security at the transmission of data through the mesh. His data enjoy of total confidentiality and protection.

The security at the electronic purchase is guaranteed by the corresponding financial entity. This has of the modes of necessary security to identify possible errors at the data facilitated at the make of payment with card.

The data on the credit cards do not stay registered at any own database. They will utilise only it TPV (Terminal Point of Sale) virtual of the corresponding financial entity through his Runway of Certain Payment.

The credit cards are subject at comprovacions and permissions for part of the entity emissora of the same, but if the entity did not authorise the payment, will not make us managers for any delay or fault of delivery and will not be able to formalise any agreement with you.

Harmony Games, S.l.U reserves the law to capsize the modalities of payment and can create of new or delete any of the existent, without that the user/customer of harmony-games.com can make claims for this reason. Nevertheless, if the change at the modality of payment affected an already realised request, des harmony-games.com would pose us at contact with the customer to inform of this change, offering the option to cancel the request if it considered it convenient.



The prices signified below of each product are total (VAT included) and only is necessary to append the expenses of sending that, for each fate and option of transport chosen, specify . The prices appear reflected at euros. The prices and conditions exposed are the valid at each moment, and have force only at the open session. At the information of confirmation of request, with previous nature at that the buyer accept the operation, specify clearly the prices of cadascun of the articles elected, the concretion of the expenses of delivery that will be applicable at the operation and the promotions or discounts that, if escau, are of app.




The cost of the transport will come determined at each case as it was the fate of sending, bulk of purchase, bulk of product and other factors that can derive of the same.


Free sending from equal or superior purchases at 250 euros.

It recommends at the user not confirming the request without having informed previously of the final price of the product.

For any information on your request, can make use of the page of contact of the portal or route an e-mail at #info@harmony-games.com

Harmony Games, S.l.U reserves the law to modify anytime the prices of sale that appear at harmony-games.com, but the articles will invoice on the base of the tariffs in force at the moment at what register the request under reservation of availability at this date.



For any information on requests web or envelope the characteristics of the products and kicks that offer, as well as to communicate us any type of incidence or claim referent at the online purchase, pose at your willingness our e-mail #info@harmony-games.com

The formalisation of the purchase will be able to realise at the Catalan languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.


RETURNS of revocation: the Art 44 of the Law 7/1996, of the 15 of January, of Ordenación of the Comercio Retailer, confers at the Customer the law to the revocation of the request solicited at a term of 14 natural days since the reception, previous communication with Harmony Games, S.l.U. (by means of e-mail directed at #info@harmony-games.com), with return of the price that had paid for the product. The return of the product will exert without penalties, so that Harmony Games, S.l.U. it will proceed at the reintegration of the total amount of the purchase, including, if there is, the expenses of sending. Harmony Games, S.l.U offers the possibility to return any product acquired with kick at domicile. To be able to effect the return, the product has to be complete and in mint condition . Regarding the packaging of the product returned, is not necessary that it was the original, but will have to have the same conditions that the original. At case that was not like this, the product could suffer a depreciation.

Also we pose at your willingness the official form of request of returns based at the Real Decree Legislativo 1/2007 of 16 of November.

Return for defects of product, defects produced at the transport or error at the sending: if at the moment of the delivery appreciates of visible and clear form, without necessity to manipulate the packagings of sending or the own of the product, that a product has defects provoked by harms at the transport or appreciates , in the same way, a defect at the cargo got, also during the period of guarantee, the customer can communicate it at Harmony Games, S.l.U (by means of e-mail directed at #info@harmony-games.com) at a term of 2 months. Harmony Games, S.l.U. it will hold responsible of the replacement for one of walnut or the repayment of the price paid by the product. The repair and/or replacement of the defective product will be free for the consumer and user. This gratuitousness will comprise the necessary expenses realised to amend the fault of compliance of the products with the agreement, especially the expenses of sending, as well as the costs related with the labour and the materials.

At case of defective product, the seller will have to proceed, as it correspond, at the repair, replacement, discount of the price or resolution of the agreement, negotiations that will be free for the consumer and user. The seller will respond of the faults of compliance that manifest at a term of two years since the delivery. The consumer and user has to inform the seller of the fault of compliance at the term of two months since it had ken of her.



Harmony Games, S.l.U. it will not be able to be considered manager of the harms, are which are his nature, so much material and no material or corporal, that could result of an operation or an unsuited use of the products commercialised.

The same applies at the possible modifications realised at the products for the suppliers. Harmony Games, S.l.U will not be able to be considered manager for a customer or a third of indirect harms, losses of exploitation or ceasing lucre occurred by the mode that was, although the harm, loss or damage had been formulaic for Harmony Games, S.l.U or if his eventuality had been posed at his ken.

Harmony Games, S.l.U will not be able to be considered manager of it incompliment of the agreement subscribed at case of cause of main force, of stoppage of the activity or total or partial strike, especially, of the postal and half kicks of transport or communications, floods or fire.

What has the present clause will not affect the royalties recognised by law at quality of consumer or the law to desist the agreement.

At case of litigation, the customer will be able to direct, in the first place, at Harmony Games, S.l.U to reach a friendly resolution.



The buyer recognises and accepts that the elements and royalties of intellectual property, industrial or others (including without limitation any copyright, patents, marks, designs, photographs, footage and codes font) relative at the platforms web Harmony Games, S.l.U at which can access are Harmony’s exclusive property Games, S.l.U. The user will not be able to, directly or indirectly, copy, modify, alter, publish, communicate, distribute, sell or transmit the materials of this platform or his code font, or of the discharges effected, at everything or partly, without the permission written of Harmony Games, S.l.U.



The present General Conditions will govern and will interpret of chord with the valid legislation. For any litigation derived of the trading accounts among the user and Harmony Games, S.l.U the parts agree to subject at the that has the valid legislation at the matter.



These general conditions govern for the Spanish Law. The parts subject , at his election, for the resolution of conflicts and with the renunciation of any one other option, at the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the user.