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Music Magic Cube (MMC)


The art of composition and musical creation incorporated into a 3D cube. Thanks to the different geometric shapes that can be created, the staves connect, overlap and hide … Without a doubt, the most creative and entertaining way to learn music.

Compatible with Whiteboard Markers.

Edition: Harmony-Games
Printing: Magic Concepts®
Copyright: Oriol Ferré, 2013©

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One of Harmony-Games’ most attractive items is probably the Music Magic Cube. It is a dynamic cube of 7 cm3 with which different geometric figures can be created, allowing users to work on concepts such as literacy and musical composition. Designed to be used as a didactic game, it is ideal for music teachers who want to provide innovative activities to their students, as well as anyone who likes 3D puzzles.

Properties of the Music Magic Cube

1) Unlimited movements. The cube can be rotated on different axes as many times as desired; in fact, you can even turn it inside out as if it were a sock, continue to spin the pieces and return to the original position.
2) Magnets on all sides. The six outer faces of the cube (and also the inner ones) are magnetized, so that any geometric shape will maintain the desired position.
3) Built-in pentagram. All sides of the cube have a pair of parallel pentagrams on which you can compose what you want. High quality printing.
4) Writeable Surface. All faces of the cube are compatible with whiteboard markers. Very easy to erase.

The Music Magic Cube has many possibilities. Firstly, the movement of the pieces with respect to the axis are executed at right angles, meaning the staves maintain continuity regardless of how many times the cube is rotated. Thanks to this property, the music teacher can write a composition on several faces of the cube, cut it by rotating the pieces and hand the cube to the student to discover the original position. A creative, participatory, entertaining, original game that also serves as a 3D music book.

And what aspects can you work on?

• At the didactic level, literacy. The movements of the cube can conceal different compositions inside.
• At the compositional level, retrogression and investment. The compositions can be defragmented and reorganized according to different parameters.
• At the level of skills, spatial intelligence. The creation of different geometric figures needs calculations on where a particular composition appears.
• And at the level of play, the possibility of learning through games.

The Music Magic Cube, manufactured by Magic Concepts, comes vacuum packed and carries a small pedestal to display it wherever you want. It’s a good didactic resource that also makes a great gift. Lots of fun for both children and adults. Everyone can spin those pieces!

Warning: highly addictive!

And if you are looking for even more excitement, try to join two cubes. The combinations will surprise you.

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