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Bookmark “Musical bar codes”


A bookmark that, wherever you go, will allow you to continue reading from your last page – but in a very musical way. If you like to read and you feel like keeping in touch with the modal scales … this is your bookmark!

Edition: Harmony-Games
Printing: Digital
Copyright: Oriol Ferré, 2013©

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The Harmony-Games Bookmark is not just any bookmark. It is a bookmark that not only allows us to know which page we stopped reading last time, but that also has other uses. Firstly, it was conceived as a didactic resource related to the world of music; in particular, it is a tool for remembering the modal scales, while at the same time was designed as a visual delight. It looks like you’re in front of a sequence of harmonized bar codes!

Fun, practical, useful and economical, very appropriate as a gift (or to give away) and of course… to be used as a bookmark.

Bar codes: 12 + 1 line

With clear musical intentions, Harmony-Games has designed barcodes made up of thirteen vertical lines that represent the twelve notes that make up the twelve-tone scale plus the first note of the upper octave.

C# D# F# G# A#

As you can see, some lines of the bar codes are thicker than the rest and have a number on the bottom. This number corresponds to the grades of particular scales.

And what is the unique aspect of this product? Well, the seven bar codes that appear in the book mark, Musical Barcodes, represent the seven modal scales. Inherited from the Greek tradition, the modal scales today are used in studies of harmony, in traditional music, in jazz improvisation and many other musical styles. The modal scales (or modes) are:

• Lidio
• Ionian
• Mixolidio
• Doric
• Wind
• Phrygian
• Locrio

The seven modes of the modal scales are together for the first time in a book mark. And why are they ordered that way? Anyone skilled in harmony knows that modal scales have a different order. The answer is very simple: with this new arrangement the modes are intended to modify only one of their notes with respect to previous or successive modes.

Visual, imaginative, different … the book mark – Harmony-Games Musical Barcodes – is much more than just any book mark. Time for everyone to practice scales!

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