Proposals to work on music and movement based on geometric patterns.

A music class can be developed in many ways (we all know how it starts and we think we know how it will end). Our expressive, communicative and creative attitude is essential to reach the end we expect, to find the right way out…the way out of the maze. This course aims to bring the metaphor of the maze into practice.


…By presenting a series of materials and pedagogical strategies based on music and movement that allow us to develop motor skills, body coordination, voice, hearing, rhythmic sense, improvisation and also creativity. A highly practical course that takes place in a real maze.

What aspects are we going to work on?

• spatial orientation (music vs math)
• basic motor skills (movements, jumps and turns) as well as transport and driving
• the use of language as a means of musical development
• rhythm and harmony
• tonality and modality

In short, we will use didactic and creative materials such as “Harmonic Charts” and other “Harmony On View” materials. We will also use rhymes, phrases and poems as the basis of rhythmic work, as well as games and exercises that will allow us to develop psychomotricity and laterality, as well as methodological proposals in which we will combine voice, body percussion and instruments. And all of this will take place inside a big maze – the main element of the course – where we can walk, sing, dance … and make music!

If you are looking for your identity, the best thing you can do is to lose yourself” (O. Brown)

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: professionals de l’educació musical