Fusing instruments, body, voice and word to create rhythmic patterns

This course is an opportunity to work with rhythm and harmony and all the elements of a music classroom, including ourselves.

Poems, phrases, rhymes … Can the musicality of words be useful as a basis for rhythmic work? The answer is yes. For this reason the first pillar of this course is the use of language as a means of musical development. The second pillar is based on the possibilities of using our body as a musical instrument. And the third pillar is the mechanical-melodic possibilities of the instruments. A practical and dynamic course in which we do many exercises that combine these three elements.

What’s new

• Materials and methodological innovations that combine voice, body percussion, orchestral instruments and Orff instruments.

• Activities that develop and improve psychomotricity and laterality.

• Resources to work on harmony both individually and in groups.

• “Harmonic Charts” and “Harmony at a Glance”, two great pedagogical materials from Harmony-Games

Practical information: during the course a dossier of photocopies and support material from the course will be provided, such as MP3 audio and other digital resources. Participants may bring their own instrument.

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: music education professionals