This dynamic sixteen-piece puzzle affords the possibility of creating curvilinear staves and making super original compositions. Design your own pentagram and compose!

Compatible with Whiteboard Markers.

Edition: Harmony-Games
Printing: Digital-Graphic, S.A.
Copyright: Oriol Ferré, 2014©

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The Harmony-Games Musical Puzzle is the chameleon of music classrooms and also a good game for parents who want their children to be interested in solfeggio. Sixteen pieces power its creative energy, forming a linear puzzle with endless permutations. Sixteen pieces that draw an eternal pentagram which turns, continues in a straight line, or returns to the starting point.

• 8 straight pieces
• 8 curved pieces

As if it was a snake or a circuit of remote control cars, the Musical Puzzle can take any form the user wants. The options: everything from connecting just a few pieces to mixing two or more puzzles and creating an endless pentagram. Furthermore, one of its main attractions is the writable surface of the pieces, suitable for use with a whiteboard marker. This allows the opportunity to write musical notes on top of the puzzle and to compose all kinds of melodies.

Connect, compose, modify, erase

Suitable for all ages, but especially aimed at elementary school students, the Harmony-Games Musical Puzzle is ideal for promoting musical literacy, experimenting with composition techniques and learning music through games. It is a resource that can be used in several ways:

• Students read a composition written by the teacher.
• Students write a composition and read it amongst themselves.
• Students connect several compositions and create a tune.
• Students perform the result using orff instruments or their own instruments.

There are dozens of possibilities, with the advantage that it is the pupil who creates their own pentagram. Creative, flexible and fun, it takes up little space and includes a bag to store the pieces. Harmony-Games Musical Puzzles, the most playful pentagram in music classrooms today.

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