A cup with a lot of musical style that reminds us with every sip the modal scale we have chosen. The collection consists of 7 different cups for personal use, but these cups could also make an excellent gift.

Edition: Harmony-Games
Copyright: Oriol Ferré

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Harmony-Games “Musical Barcodes” collection of music mugs has 7 different models, one for each modal scale:

• Ionian
• Doric
• Phrygian
• Lidio
• Mixolidio
• Wind
• Locrio

Inherited from the Greek tradition, the modal scales today are used in studies of harmony, in ancient and traditional music, in jazz improvisation and many other musical styles.

The bar code we have designed for each modal scale is configured by thirteen vertical lines representing the twelve notes that constitute a twelve-note scale plus the first note of the upper octave. Those lines of greater thickness correspond to the notes of the modal scale in question.

These elegant mugs, white on the outside and black inside, will be envied by musical virtuosos everywhere.

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