A batch of eight rounded tokens representing the song “plou i fa sol” (it rains and it’s sunny). On one side it has drawings, and on the other, the notes of each beat. Very good material to begin reading music to and to work on pulsation. Do you remember the song? Could you recompose it?

Includes a handmade bag to store the tokens.

Edition: Harmony-Games and Mots Xics
Illustration and Manufacture: Mots Xics
Copyright: Oriol Ferré

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The tokens have specific characteristics:

On one side there is a specific drawing. It is an element of the popular song “plou i fa sol”: e.g: a cloud, a sun, a witch … If we order the eight tokens correctly we will get the representation of our desired song.

On the other side, however, there are several elements:

A) The initials of the notes of the tune.
B) A number at the top that indicates the order of the tokens. The color of the circle marks the bass.
C) A point that appears below the beat of the song that indicates the pulsation. Each token corresponds to a measure of 2/4.

Both the notes and the number appearing at the top have a certain color. This color can be related to instruments such as boomwhackers, colored bells, colored xylophones and other elements that can be related through colors such as drums.


a) Drawings up: Normally we order the tokens in two rows of four. One of the simplest activities is to sing the song following the sequence of images. And if we withdraw any of them, we have to sing in silence.

b) Notes up: In this case we can sing the song or play it with instruments. Some of the possibilities are:
• The colors of the notes can be used to play the tune with instruments like boomwhackers, bells, etc …
• The color of the bass (the circle on top) can also be played with these instruments.
• We can swap the tokens that have the same color on the bass part. In this way we will create different tunes.
• We can perform a rhythmic ostinato with one or several tokens when interpreting the song.

Harmony-Xics allows you to interpret the song “plou i fa sol” as you have never heard it before. There are lots of combinations!

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