This is an adapter to convert boomwhackers into a harmonic flute. Made with recycled components, this giant nozzle fits perfectly to the plastic tubes and allows you to make a series of very distinctive sounds.

Edition: Harmony-Games
Manufacture: Sonors Gardens
Copyright: Oriol Ferré and Angelo Di Stefano

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With the intention of expanding the instrumental possibilities of boomwhackers, Harmony-Games and Jardins Sonors presents Harmony Tube Flute – where percussion gives way to wind.

The concept of a Harmony Tube Flute is very simple. It is a nozzle that – inserted at one end of a boomwhacker – makes it a huge harmonic flute. The adapter, which can also be used as a whistle, has been constructed with reused elements, essentially plastic and wood. Also, it includes a top that allows it to be held and carried in a more hygienic way.

What is a harmonic flute?

A harmonic flute is a very simple instrument that is long and thin. It has a hole to blow through, a bevel and a hole to expel the air at the lower end.
How does it work? The different pitches are achieved by varying the intensity of the air blown through the nozzle. The sound can also be adjusted by covering the lower hole with the hand or finger. Through this system the harmonic flute allows one to emit a fairly high gradation of natural tones and pitch.

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