Working with cups: the maximum pedagogical potential that can you can introduce into a music classroom.

During the course we will outline the main exercises that can be carried out with musical cups, emphasising the musical aspects that are used in each case: harmony, melody, rhythm, composition, etc.

This is a practical and creative course, where students will discover a lot of pedagogical resources which they can use in a music classroom. We will line up the cups, place them, divide them, and then play percussion games in a group … The course is aimed at music teachers, musicians and anyone with musical interests.

What are Musical Cups?

A collection of musical cups is composed of nine cups of different colors that have different elements on their rims. Each element can be used in several exercises and each exercise has multiple variants.

In short: these are cups with a lot of rhythm – an excellent resource for the music classroom!

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: music education professionals