A dynamic and fun workshop that leads to a “feast of rhythm” for parents and children.

If you feel like having a good time while your child learns to master rhythm, you have found the ideal workshop. We will listen to music, sing, dance and play some vocal coordination games. Don’t think you can escape! You will also have to participate!

Some facts about the workshop

The workshop consists of a series of activities which permit us to explore concepts such as body percussion, imitation, variation, question-answer, canon or ‘phasing.’ In other words, we will learn to maintain pace and rhythm in a synchronized way. To achieve this we will listen to songs from other parts of the world, but we will focus especially on kecak’s own patterns.

What is kecak?

Kecak is a ritual dance from Bali (Indonesia), which – on a musical level – is characterized by overlapping voices with different rhythms. This causes a kind of buzzing which is similar to that of a swarm of bees in motion.
Thus, all activities aim to impart an experience of this rhythm. And to see if we have achieved a good level of synchronicity, the session will end with the creation of a small vocal kecak among all attendees. It’s a lot of fun and there’s lots of exciting activities for the family all day … and, above all, a lot of rhythm!

Course taught byr: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: children over 4 years old accompanied by parents or other relatives
Duration: 60-90 minutes