Ideas for the creation of didactic materials for music classes.

The objective of this course is to acquire the necessary resources and tools to produce one’s own didactic materials for music classes; That is to say, to discover the keys which will unlock the professor of music “the artisan” that we carry inside.

The course focuses especially on creative processes, on the birth of the idea – from a specific need – and on the didactic applications of new materials. Through examples, we enter the creative process, we talk about existing materials, and finally, each student is responsible for designing their own materials. What characteristics do new materials need to have? What needs must they address in order to develop? The course “How it’s made” will solve these doubts.

Course content

• Reflection on the different visions and strategies for the creation of creative materials and a critical approximation of existing materials

• Analysis, design and creation of musical didactic materials based on the mechanical and melodic possibilities of each instrument

• Development of the didactic possibilities of “everyday instruments” through play

• Examples of didactic materials for body percussion

• Group dynamics to encourage the generation of new ideas and new materials

Final result
: a music education professional with lots more resources

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: music education professionals
Duration: 8-12 hours