The didactics of metal wind instruments.

During the course different methodological resources and strategies will be taught with respect to the teaching of an instrument. We will proceed in an experimental fashion:

• One class with instruments
• Making music from the start
• Music and movement. Resources for the teacher?
• Musical notation and prenotation
• Improvisation in the classroom

We will also work on resources and didactic materials specific to wind instruments:

• Orientation: the first classes
• Mechanical-melodic possibilities of metal wind instruments
• Harmony as a resource in group classes
• The challenge of polytonality in the classroom. How to deal with it?

Lastly, we will enjoy a space to debate and engage in collective reflection that will serve us well, contrasting our ideas and opinions with those of our colleagues.

Course taught by: Oriol Ferré
Aimed at: music teachers and students of higher education of any wind instrument.