About us

Harmony-Games, the collection to learn music through games, was born in 2012 with the aim of offering new pedagogical resources to music education professionals. Its main driver, Oriol Ferré, an enthusiast of small inventions, has enjoyed experimenting with different materials and designing his own creations all his life. Therefore, convinced that innovation is not only possible but also necessary, he set about executing this project.

The products of the Harmony-Games collection allow the development of abstract observation and analysis, the imitation of patterns as well as experimenting with new methodological possibilities. But above all, they are interactive materials whose main appeal is their diverse uses: some can be painted with “vileda” blackboard markers, others can be stacked, or folded, or embedded like a puzzle, or even struck to generate music. Musical Cups, magic cubes, harmonic cards and a long list of didactic materials … In short, a dynamic, playful and stimulating set of tools that will undoubtedly facilitate the task of music education teachers.

The promotion of creativity through play (a new approach to music education)

The different Harmony-Games materials aim to create a work environment that favors the creative potential of the student; an environment favorable to the exchange of learning experiences. Create, invent, transform and mold through different techniques; the best way to learn. As Sir Ken Robinson said: “the process of having original and valuable ideas often arises from the interaction of perspectives from different disciplines.

Harmony-Games has been introduced into several spaces of training and learning in the music education sector, where it has had a fantastic reception among teachers.



Oriol Ferré Puntos

“An expert music education trainer, music teacher and inventor”

An advanced diploma in Jazz and Modern Music from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC – The Catalonian Higher School of Music) and a graduate of the San Francisco Orff Schulwerk Certification Program. Since 2012, I have taught courses for music teachers and people interested in music education. These include courses and workshops on teaching materials, rhythmic and harmonic games, body percussion, group pedagogy, etc.

As a trainer, I have done more than 70 courses, among others at the Festival Internacional de Jogos Musicais para Educadores (Brazil), the JaSeSoi ry – Orff Schulwerk Association (Finland), the OSI Orff-Schulwerk (Italy), the Orff-Spain Association of Madrid, the Association of Music Teachers Of Catalonia (AEMCAT), the Rhythm4Days and in the Musical Workshops of Avinyó (Musicop).

Also, I am a music teacher for the EMM Miquel Blanch of Castellbisbal, founding member of the Orff-Catalunya section of the Orff-Spain Association, and I was part of the training and research commission of the Catalan Association of Music Schools (ACEM). I am also the coordinator of the Educa-Sonogram section of the magazine Sonogram Magazine and pedagogical coordinator of the activities of the Foundation of Symphonic and Chamber Music.

As a trombonist, I am member of the Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra, de Catalan rumba group Derrumband and the CIA theater Ticotacoteca.

Founder and inventor of Harmony-Games